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How do I connect my Facebook account to the posting platform?
How do I connect my Facebook account to the posting platform?

Let's get your page connected so we can publish your posts.

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To be able to post directly onto your Facebook, you must connect your Facebook Business Page.

The PPP app can only be authorized through your personal Facebook profile, but don’t worry! This is only for authorization purposes and we will not post to your personal profile. In fact, it would be impossible for us to do so, because direct posting is only available to Facebook Business Pages.

If you are having trouble with any part of this process, please try using an Incognito or private window in your chosen browser. You can simply copy the URL shown above, then open a private window and paste the URL in and click Return.

To authorize PPP to post on your Facebook Business Page and connect it to the platform, please follow these steps:

2. Click the "Connect Facebook Page" button.

3. Log in to your Facebook profile with admin access to your Business Page.

** If you do not see your page appear in the 'Add Facebook Page Settings' pop-up, please reach out to us using the email link below. **

4. Finish the connection process by filling out the form as shown below, then click "Save Settings".

5. Ensure you have landed back on the connection page before closing the window.

If you need further help connecting, don’t hesitate to reach out! We’re available to help via email at [email protected].

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