Our service is unparalleled! (And we’ve done our research to make sure.)

Here’s how...

With our $99 Daily Plan, you are getting 7 posts per week to two networks.

Not posts to only Facebook. Not posts 3 days per week. We are giving you 7 posts per week to two different networks. You even have the option to add more than two networks for less than $20! None of our competitors are offering this much content for this great price.

We create 100% unique and tailored content for your brand. We never reuse content for another company – ever!

Each piece of content our writers create for you is 100% unique to your company, and tailored to fit your brand’s voice, image, and individual needs. We even have you fill out a detailed questionnaire upon signup that will allow you to tell us what you’re looking for and what you don’t want to see. Your dedicated Content Specialist will review your questionnaire and write content that is just for you!

Every piece of content our writers create is touched THREE TIMES before it will go live on your pages.

Our quality assurance structure has been designed to make sure your content is Perfect. Every. Time.

Humans make mistakes – that’s a part of life – so we make sure no less than two different people read and review your posts a minimum of three times before they are scheduled in your content calendar. Our writers are amazing (we love them, can you tell?) but we also have content editors, our Head Editor, and our Content Specialist Manager on staff for stellar quality control.

Our customer service is something to write home about.

We take pride in our awesome customer service and strive to make you feel like one of the family. Whether you are a small business customer or a white-label reseller, you can take advantage of easy, helpful, and friendly communication with your account manager, support team, and sales manager whenever you need it! We are available via email, live website chat (orange button to the bottom right), and phone Monday through Friday for your convenience.

Your online safety is our priority – and we prove it!

With the prevalence of online security breaches these days it is extremely important to us that your accounts stay safe and in your hands only. We will NEVER ask for your usernames or passwords. When you connect your accounts to our scheduling platform we will only ever have access to post to your pages, never to change information, change your password, or lock you out. You will connect your pages using only a button that works in the same way as a ‘Sign in using Facebook’ option for an app.

All of the company and personal information we collect is stored in our super secure CRM or billing tool and only a very trusted few people have access to it. We follow all PCI compliance regulations with great respect and will never store your payment details in a way they can be stolen by a team member or anyone else.

We have never had a security issue since our foundation was laid in 2011 and we intend to keep it that way.

We are proud to be transparent in every way.

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