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Can you recommend some tools for helping my small business grow?
Can you recommend some tools for helping my small business grow?

Our favorite tools will be your new favorites, too.

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Valuable Small Business Resources

As a B2B service provider, we are asked frequently which tools we use and love to help our business run smoothly. This article is our answer to that burning question.

Below you will find some of our absolute favorite companies that provide services to small business owners and agencies. We use them all and have enjoyed working with them for a long time, so we know they provide top-notch services and care deeply about their customers. In short, we trust them enough to recommend them to our customers.

A quick disclaimer: Some of the links on this page are affiliate links and we may receive a small commission when you make a purchase using our link. This does not impact our reviews and you will not pay more by clicking our links. (You might pay less!) Each testimonial below is truly about how our experience with the company has been. We would never recommend a company we don't use and love.

We have used Infusionsoft by Keap as our primary CRM for many years and we absolutely love it. Our company is constantly growing and changing to match the ever-transforming social media landscape, and Keap has helped us continue to do that at the pace we need to stick with.

One of our favorite features within Keap is the massive customization with custom fields, which allow us to tailor our profile questionnaire for hyper-targeting our customers' needs. We also love the highly-customizable forms to help us track people using our website, from leads to customer feedback and so much more. The email and drip campaign functionalities allow us to easily assign accounts to our Content Specialists so our team relax a bit more.

As far as CRMs come, Infusionsoft by Keap is truly one of the best. It is highly recommended by our team!

We have trusted Chargify to manage our customer billing for many years now and they have never let us down. Their website is incredibly secure, very easy to navigate and use, and their customer support is fantastic.

Our favorite feature is the ease of adding new plans, components (our add-on services), and coupon codes. It takes only a moment to add something new, especially considering how comprehensive the options can be if that's what you need. We have the ability to tailor our add-on services to exactly what we need, even down to separate price points if we are testing or when we have multiple levels of a service, like with our blogs.

We use and love the reporting features within our management team, as they help us keep a close tether on things like MRR and churn. They offer integration with the top payment processors like Stripe and PayPal, making use of their platform super easy. We also love their notification features, like comprehensive billing statements.

Want to know the best thing about working with SiteGround? Their customer service is SO. GOOD. Their techs are incredibly friendly and can help with navigating many issues from those little pesky updates to your account to big hiccups like restoring your site from a backup.

That's not the only reason we love them, though. Their dashboard is very intuitive and features like the cPanel and File Manager are easy to find and use. We log into our site frequently to do things like add new employee emails and it is never a hassle.

One feature we particularly love is SiteGround's daily saved backups of our site. This allows us to fix bigger mistakes that cannot easily be reverted without a backup restore. If you are planning to make major changes to your site, you can even save a one-time backup and give it a name. We used and loved this feature when we recently updated and then debugged our Reseller Dashboard.

We have been using Thrive Suite to build and enhance our website for many years now. Their Architect drag-and-drop builder makes webpage and landing page design a breeze, with tons of customization options and easy design blocks that link with their other great add-ons.

One of the add-ons we love is Thrive Leads; a pop-up creator that makes lead magnets and notifications effective and beautiful. Want to see how nice it looks? Click through to Meet Our Team, then click a team member to view their bio.

The Thrive Suite has done an excellent job of helping us capture leads on our website, build beautiful pages that convert, and A/B test sales pages. If you're not sure this is the right builder for your website, take advantage of their 30-day satisfaction guarantee and give it a try. You won't regret it!

LongTail Pro has been rated one of the best keyword research tools to help you rank with Google. The keyword competitiveness (KC) score that they provide is one of the best in the industry โ€“ it lets you know which keywords to target first!

We have used LongTail Pro for years now and their app truly works. We love it for our blog posts, which help us reach more than 19k unique visitors per month. Not only do their keywords help our blog posts rank better, but combined with our blog content they also help us with increased sales! If you don't already have a blog on your company website, we highly recommend one because it really does make a difference. A company with a valuable blog feels like one to trust.

Because we love LongTail Pro so much, we have asked them to help our customers out with a discount. If you click through our link here, you can sign up with a 30% recurring discount on your monthly or yearly subscription.

As we have continued to grow, we found that we needed a reliable project management tool that was as fluid and customizable as we are. Coda has proven to be just that tool.

We have used Coda to create our employee training programs, employee hubs, working documents for organization, streamline our quality control process, and so much more. It has even helped us replace Google Docs, Google Sheets, and much of Google Drive for storing resources and information.

Our favorite feature is easily the tables, which are a massive improvement over Google Sheets. Not only does Coda have it's own formula base to help with calculations, but tables can be cloned and then transformed into beautiful charts, cards, and much more.

Our team loves Coda so much that we have even converted some employees to using it as their to-do list app.

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