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Can you explain how your Reseller client advertising packages work?
Can you explain how your Reseller client advertising packages work?

We break down our ads so you can explain them to your clients.

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We offer social media advertising for three major networks:

  • Facebook + Instagram (both are targeted together)

  • LinkedIn

Our social media advertising services can be purchased in three ways:

  1. Within a core plan that includes other services.

  2. As a stand-alone service with no other services.

  3. As an à la carte service with other services.

If you prefer to purchase advertising within a core plan, Growth Booster includes $100 ad budget and waives the setup and management fees. Also included: daily posts to Facebook, two networks of your choice†, and detailed reporting.

Our more comprehensive The Works includes $150 ad budget and waives the setup and management fees. Also included: two daily posts to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google My Business, and Pinterest, five weekly posts to Instagram, one monthly blog post, and detailed reporting.

Advertising can also be purchase outside of a core plan, either as a stand-alone service or à la carte with other services we offer. Download our Reseller price sheet to view our advertising plans.

When you choose to advertise with us, you will work directly with an assigned Advertising Manager to obtain your specific advertising goal. We have no contact with your client, only you!

As a valued Reseller, we can run your client's ads within our Business Manager account, or under your Business Manager account. Either way reporting will be provided, the difference is how much control you would like to have at your fingertips.

Should you choose to have us use your Business Manager account, you will only be charged for the ad management fees. The budget spend will be charged against whatever credit card is entered in your Business Manager. You will also give our White Label Ads Persona (Teresa East) access to your Business Manager. You simply tell your client that Teresa works for you. Teresa’s page has no connection to $99 Social.

If you choose to have the Ads run under $99 Social's Business Manager, the ad copies are emailed to you for your client to view, and you are charged the budget and the ad management fee. You will not have access to our Business Manager. You will only receive the ad copies and the reporting on them.

Included with the Advertising are the creation of the ads, frequent monitoring of the ads, and reporting. We will create ad campaigns to promote one of these for your client: Brand Awareness (New Fans), Website Traffic, Events, Contests, Giveaways, or Direct Lead Contacts. If we are creating direct lead contact forms for your client. It will be your responsibility to share these leads with your client.

As mentioned earlier we can also advertise on LinkedIn, however, keep in mind that the CPC (Cost Per Click) is usually much higher compared to Facebook and Instagram advertising. Because of this, we usually recommend sponsored posts on LinkedIn to reach your targeted audience, as the CPC will be much lower with this type of advertising. Website traffic ads can be as high as $10.00 a click or even higher. Sponsored posts driving traffic to a website landing page can be as low as $0.28 CPC.

Download our Reseller Price Sheet here for more information on individual advertising plans. (updated March 2022)

†Networks of choice for the Growth Plan: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google My Business, and Pinterest. Instagram is only available as a Lite or Deluxe add-on.

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