Our preferred method of connecting to your social media accounts is through our authorization buttons. This is similar to if you've ever logged into an app on your phone using your Facebook account. We only receive access to post to your page, never to make changes, remove things, update information, or change your password or security settings.

You can gain access to our authorization buttons by reaching out to our Support Team.

NOTE: Very rarely we will have an issue where Facebook or LinkedIn will not let our authorization buttons work properly due to their security settings. If this happens, we will give you two options:

  1. You can add us as an Admin on your business page, which will allow us to connect to your page through our app's backend. We will have access to your page at that time, however just as mentioned above, we take strong precautions with your information and would never do harm.

  2. You can wait until the issue with our authorization button is resolved. We will happily add a credit to your account in the amount of the days that we could not post due to the connection issue.

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