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What is the most important thing our brand should be doing on social media?
What is the most important thing our brand should be doing on social media?

The good news: fun is involved.

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Hands down, the most important thing you should be doing on social media (that many aren’t) is engaging with your audience. “Social media" is just that: a form of media that is based on social interaction. Hiring a social media company won’t work to grow your business if you’re not engaging with your audience!

To learn more about how you should be engaging with your customers, check out our free guide here: How to Grow Your Social Media

The next most important thing is monitoring and listening to your audience. There is a famous quote attributed to Greek philosopher Epictetus: “We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak." This is especially relevant when it comes to your social media presence.

To learn more about social listening and monitoring, we love this comprehensive article from Sprout Social: Social listening – Your launchpad to success on social media

The third most important thing? Have fun with it! Social media can be super fun if you let it. Engage with your followers on each channel. Upload “behind the scenes” content. Hold contests. Use at least some of the additional features each network provides, like Instagram Stories or Facebook Groups. Each network provides it’s own benefits, so choose your networks wisely and stick to only the ones that will serve you. This will help make sure your social media presence isn’t overwhelming.

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