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Can you run a contest on my social media page?
Can you run a contest on my social media page?

Let us help hype your followers and grow your page!

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We sure can! With your help, we can create a series of posts that will promote your contest and get your followers to like, share, or comment on your post. (Or all three!)

You will be responsible for closing out the contest, which includes choosing the winner(s), letting them know, etc.

Here's what we need from you:

  • What is the prize?

  • How many winners?

  • When should the contest start and complete?

  • What is their goal for the contest?

  • Will you supply a specific image? (If no image is given, we will use a relevant stock image.)

We also recommend considering advertising to promote your contest. Without advertising, only your followers will see the contest post, and if they don't share it nobody else will see it!

Here is an example of a social media contest post:

Hey, Fans we're having a #Contest! πŸŽ‰

If You Love #Farmhouse Decor - You'll Just Love Our 2021 Spring Magazine. 🌸

We are choosing FIVE Winners to receive our Magazine for FREE! πŸ˜†

Winners to be chosen on March 1st.

Here's how to enter:

βœ… SHARE this Post

βœ… LIKE this Post

βœ… If you're not already a Fan, make sure you LIKE our Facebook Page.

Interested in running the contest on your own instead? Check out this article we wrote that goes over how to run a successful social media contest: How to Grow Your Social Media

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