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Why are your posts sharing content and articles that aren't mine?
Why are your posts sharing content and articles that aren't mine?

It's all about providing value to your followers.

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Posting to your social media pages isn't just about showcasing your products or services. Sure, you will want to do that frequently, but if you do that every day it gets old for your followers really quickly.

Take this scenario: You are following Joe's Coffee Shop on Facebook. Every day you log in to check your feed and you see a post from Joe touting his coffee and how awesome it is and that he sells lattes. Yes it's awesome (you agree), but you already drink his lattes daily, right?

What if, instead of seeing how awesome Joe's coffee is every day, he shared with you...

  • some ways to make your morning coffee taste even better with easy flavor mix-ins, or

  • how to choose the best beans for your energy level, or even

  • how to survive your morning commute (with great music and the perfect coffee, of course!)

That would make your Facebook feed a little brighter, more interesting, and it might just keep you following Joe's Coffee Shop for the value they are bringing to your day.

Makes sense, right?

That's the thought process behind our posting strategy for your business. We want to provide value to your followers, and potential followers, to help you become a leader in your space. Posting in this way can also help your follower count grow because people are much more likely to share an interesting tip or trick you've shown them.

Yes, your products and services are awesome and we want to showcase them 3-4 times per week, but if we do it every day the luster will dull. We never want that!

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