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Can I submit my own images for use in posts?
Can I submit my own images for use in posts?

Your images are like gold to us!

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Absolutely! Depending on the content of the specific post, we may use a variety of images, including photos from your website and attribution-free stock photos, but you are more than welcome to send us images as well.

We recommend opening a free cloud account and creating a folder specifically for $99 Social. Upload your photos, give us read/write access, then send us the link!

Please make sure of a few things before sending your photos over:

  • Please do not submit photos as an attachment to our Support email address. Each photo needs to be accessible as a URL for your Content Specialist to use it in your posts. Uploading to a cloud account is the easiest way to make this happen for you and for us.

  • We prefer that you use Google Drive or Dropbox over other cloud services, as we tend to have issues with the links that other services provide. We must be able to right-click on the provided photo and choose "Copy Image Link" to use the photo. If we cannot grab a URL in this format, we are not able to use your provided photos.

  • The permissions on your cloud folder must be set to “All with the link can view”, otherwise we may not be able to access your photos. Please do not “share” the folder with our team; instead we need you to send us the URL in an email. If you need help with this, your chosen cloud service should be able to help you, as can a quick Google search.

  • Each photo must be at least 1080px wide or larger to look good on your client's social media pages, but no larger than 3000px wide. Anything smaller than 1080px will likely result in your client's photos looking grainy or blurry, or they may upload incorrectly to the site, and anything larger than 3000px tends to be too large (+3mb). We want to make sure each post looks as professional as possible.

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