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What strategies do you use to generate leads using social media?
What strategies do you use to generate leads using social media?

Social media brand promotion can take many paths.

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The way we create posts changes slightly depending on your goals. What are you looking to accomplish with your social media presence?

I want to promote my company with every post

Many of our clients choose this option because they want to use social media as a free advertising channel for their products or services. Your content writer will link to your website, products, or blog content with every single post they create.

Example: If your company offers kitchen renovation services, Monday might be a post about your just-in countertop slabs, Tuesday might be a post with a photo from your most recent reno, Wednesday might be a post about your showroom’s holiday hours, etc.

The upside: Your products or services will take center stage, which can organically lead to more sales.

The downside: You won’t be providing the variety that comes with non-promotional content, like educational blog posts from other sites, so your follower count may not grow much.

I want to provide value and not always promote my company

Our recommended option for quicker organic growth of your social media following. Why? Brand followers want to see your products, but that’s not all they want to see, especially on visual channels like Instagram. We like to follow the 80/20 rule – only 20% of your content should be promotional in nature.

Example: If you are promoting your all-natural shampoo line, followers might want to learn how to braid their hair when they wear a beanie, which barrettes are in style this season, trending hair colors, and how long to go between hair trims. If you’re not providing these tips on your blog, someone else is, so we would link to their blog but with your brand’s name on the social media post.

The upside: Your posts will provide valuable content, which is more likely to increase follows, likes, and shares.

The downside: You won’t be promoting your products or services as often, so your organic website traffic may not grow as quickly. (A great bio can help with this!)

I want more sales leads or website purchases

Don’t we all! 🚀 Talking about your products or services takes center stage here, but with a twist. We often include a call-to-action (CTA) to promote your brand, even if the link in your post leads to someone else’s blog.

Example: If you are selling tech products online, Monday’s post might link to a blog about how to choose the best keyboard for your tablet while also mentioning your favorite keyboard in your online store. Tuesday’s post might link to an article about hacking your headset to work from home while also giving a CTA to check out your available headsets, etc.

The upside: Your website traffic and following can both grow organically, essentially chopping two watermelons with one knife.

The downside: Having too many CTAs in your posts can be overwhelming. Do I click the article link... or visit your website... or just sit here and enjoy the image and then scroll on?

I want to start a discussion on my social media pages

Looking to grow your social media engagement with more likes, comments, and shares? Great! Inviting people to interact with your posts boosts your engagement more quickly and can lead to the network algorithms favoring your content. (This is how many posts go viral.)

Example: If you are promoting your fitness app, your post messaging might include a few tips for strengthening your back with a CTA like, “What is your favorite weighted exercise for targeting your lats? Comment below!”

The upside: This typically boosts engagement fast, especially if you already have a decent-sized audience and you’re asking fun questions.

The downside: Some industries are more engaging than others, so this might not work for every business.

I want to look like a leader in my industry or niche

This type of content is more educational in nature and can work for many types of businesses. It often includes messaging with tips, tricks, and insiders secrets. Bonus points if you have a blog that is updated frequently by an industry professional!

Example: If you are a holistic dentist, Monday might be a post with herbal remedies for healthy gums, Tuesday might be a post highlighting the dangers of root canals, Wednesday might be a post promoting your safe and natural tooth whitening option, etc.

The upside: This type of content is highly shareable. It also helps show that you know your niche inside and out.

The downside: It can be a little tougher for our team to pull content pieces because they are often specialized above our scope of knowledge. It is helpful if you can point us in the right direction with some specific topics in your profile questionnaire.

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