Our team uses various tools to streamline your service and improve your social media posts. Here are a handful of our most-used favorites.

The first tool we use is our proprietary scheduling program – ProPosting Platform (or we call it PPP internally). This in-browser app allows us to schedule and auto-publish your social media posts at a regular interval. The ability to schedule your posts and have them auto-publish to the networks is one of the ways we can keep our service costs down.

To keep your content top-quality and avoid human error, we require that our Content Specialists install and use Grammarly when writing your content. This allows them to easily triple-check their work when creating content so that our editors can be the fourth and final check before your content goes live. We pride ourselves on creating high-quality content at an affordable price.

Our writers are encouraged to use an RSS reader to help find awesome articles for your account, and we particularly love Feedly. It allows our team to find renewable sources and relevant articles, but the app also suggests similar sources that help us keep your content fresh and modern. We never want to repeat content or pull from the same source repetitively, so we’re always searching for something new.

To find trending topics that will appeal to your audience, our writers use two helpful social listening tools – AnswerThePublic and AlsoAsked. These tools allow your writer to search a relevant topic for your brand, then receive a report with raw insights about popular search terms in your region. This data helps them craft posts that are valuable to your audience, but also popular online.

When it comes to hashtags, we know how important it is to stay on top. RiteTag allows your content writer to find trending hashtags that will make your content easily searchable within the network.

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