While we do not offer stats on your social media engagement with the $99 Daily Plan, we do have a few options that may help you:

  1. Purchase access to our posting platform. For $49 per month, you can gain access to our super customizable reporting tool, which lets you create and export reports for each of the social networks you have linked with our service (with the exception of Instagram). You’ll also be able to review and edit the posts in queue, so if you’d like more control over your account this can be a great option.
  2. Sign up for our new Social Media Management Plan. Get a versed social media manager to strategize, post, engage and grow your social media following for one, two, or three social media accounts. This also includes some great, in-depth reporting on the engagement for your page. Interested? Use one of the links below to sign up.
    – Click here to purchase Social Media Management for one account.
    – Click here to purchase Social Media Management for two accounts.
    – Click here to purchase Social Media Management for three accounts.
  3. Take advantage of the free reporting for your chosen social networks, or look for a free service online that will help you keep track. Facebook in particular has some great reporting within your business page, as do some of the other networks (depending on the settings of your page). There are also some free websites and apps out there that will let you access engagement stats for the different social networks. We can’t advise you on these specifically, but a Google search should help!
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