When it comes to presenting social media services to your clients, check out these three most common options:

Option 1: Offer everything a la carte

Why It Works: We offer our services a la carte, so this is super easy for you to implement. It also lets your clients customize to their needs.

Example Plan: The Daily Plan (FB & TW) for $199 per month. Each additional network is $29 per month.

Option 2: Bundle our services separately from yours

Why It Works: This makes positioning and pricing straightforward and easy so your clients will understand.

Example Plan: B2B Clients – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ bundled together for $259 per month. Want to add in FB Ads also? Charge $459 per month.

Option 3: Bundle our services together with yours

Why It Works: If your clients all need the same things from you, give them fewer options to choose from.

Example Plan: Traffic Boost Package – PPC & SEO (from your team) with FB Ads & blog posts (from our team). What would you charge for this package?

Not sure what all we offer? Feel free to download our All Services Price List, which includes a breakdown of our plans and add-ons, as well as suggested retail pricing.

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