Wording on social media can be tricky, since it is considered a form of advertising. We do not want to get your business in hot water by claiming that your product can "cure" a disease or ailment (even if you know it can).

Because of this, we choose our wording wisely in our social media posts:

  • We will not say the word "cure" for any type of product or service, including holistic and naturopathic remedies, health treatments of any kind, supplements, and allopathic medications (among others)
  • We try to generalize to cover your behind, so instead of saying "this product does this thing" we will say something more like "this product may help you with this thing"
  • We try our best to avoid making claims about your product or service that could potentially lead to a lawsuit by one of your customers should that person find the claim to be untrue

To learn more about this, please reference this article by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC): https://www.ftc.gov/tips-advice/business-center/guidance/dietary-supplements-advertising-guide-industry

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