Inevitably, some clients will cancel services over time. When this happens, we want to be sure a few things are taken care of.

Step One: Stop all automatic payments between your client, you, and us.

  1. To easily and quickly stop payments to us, log into your dashboard and view your list of active clients.
  2. Click the Select dropdown menu for your canceling client and choose Cancel Services.
  3. Don't forget to also stop payment from your client to you!

Step Two: Let us know when to stop posts for your client.

Does your client need to have posts stopped immediately (today) or should we continue to post through the end of their billing cycle? You can email Shanique Campbell, your Reseller Account Manager, to let us know the best day for their last post or find out when their billing cycle ends so you can advise your client.

Step Three: Let us know if there is anything we can improve.

We love any opportunity to make our service or posts better in the future! Feedback from a canceling client is important to us, and can be important for you as well. Please ask clients why they are canceling and if there are areas where the service can be improved. Passing this feedback on to Shanique is much appreciated.

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