As a Reseller for $99 Social, you might be adding our services to an existing business model, or you might be starting from scratch. So you’ll either be integrating into your current process flow, or you’ll be creating a new internal process flow. Either way, it’s important to define what happens in each stage of the sales and ordering process. The better you define this, the more confidence your clients will have in you, and fewer are the chances for errors and misunderstandings.

To provide you with an example of an internal process flow, here is a high-level overview of ours:

Sales contact is made:

  • Prospect comes to website
  • Prospect calls or emails with inquiry
  • Outside sales call/visit

Sales follow-up:

  • Email/phone calls to answer questions and close the sale

Onboarding process:

  • Client pays for service
  • Client completes Profile Questionnaire
  • Email sequence starts
  • Setup occurs
  • Reach out to client to welcome/answer questions/etc.

Obviously there are a lot of pieces that go into each step above, but hopefully this gives you an idea of the areas to think about when creating a sales process.

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