When it comes to presenting social media services to your clients, check out these three most common options:

Option 1: Offer everything a la carte

Why It Works: We offer our services a la carte, so this is super easy for you to implement. It also lets your clients customize to their needs.

Example Plan: The Daily Plan (Facebook & one network of your choice) for $199 per month. Each additional network is $29 per month.

Option 2: Bundle our services separately from yours

Why It Works: This makes positioning and pricing straightforward and easy so your clients will understand.

Example Plan: B2B Clients – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ bundled together for $259 per month. Want to add in FB Ads also? Charge $459 per month.

Option 3: Bundle our services together with yours

Why It Works: If your clients all need the same things from you, give them fewer options to choose from.

Example Plan: Traffic Boost Package – PPC & SEO (from your team) with FB Ads & blog posts (from our team). What would you charge for this package?

Not sure what all we offer? Feel free to download our All Services Price List (available in your Reseller Dashboard), which includes a breakdown of our plans and add-ons, as well as suggested retail pricing.

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